Guatemala Relief and Compassion Effort serves impoverished children and their families in Guatemala by providing education, nutrition, health care and spiritual care that breaks the cycle of both physical and spiritual poverty.


    • We will provide a high-standard, quality Christian education to children who live in poverty.  
    • We will prepare the students to be Christ-centered global citizens that are able to make a positive impact in their communities and nation.
    • We will provide a daily, nutritionally balanced meal during the school week to children who lack the necessary nutrition in their everyday lives.  
    • We will provide access to receive basic medical and dental needs to the children through working with local and international doctors and dentists.  
    • We will work with the families of our students to educate them on changes needed to have a healthier lifestyle spiritually, emotionally and physically.
    • We will provide the necessary tools and resources to be successful in future careers.  
    • We will allow the children the opportunity to pursue a college degree.